Ang Pangako

Bayanihan para sa Kapwang Nangangailangan

How to Use the Data Map

Accessing the Data Maps

Ang Pangako houses three (3) different maps 

  • Support and Services - depicts efforts of organizations related to campaign against drugs
  • Rehabilitation Centers - depicts accredited and non-accredited drug rehabilitation centers in the country
  • Victims - depicts drug-related killings from June 30, 2016 to present  

Users can access these maps by selecting any of the three maps in the menu under Data Maps


Using the Data Maps

1. Click on a data map
2. Select a layer to activate or deactivate
3. Click on any pin or dot to read more information. Users can refer to the list found under the layer name.
4. Open larger map to access search function and to change base map to satellite map 

A. Activating/Deactivating the Layer Menu
Users may choose to activate or deactivate the layer menu when they press layer button or close layer menu. The layer menu allows the user to view, then activate or deactivate the categories or layers within the data map. 


B. Activating/ Deactivating Layers

Users can activate or deactivate a layer by clicking on the deactivated layer or activated layer icon, respectively.  

3            2

An activated layer features a list of names included, as well as dots or pins which are made visible across the data map. Users can view the full list withina layer by clicking on more. The list serves as an index which not only lists names under the category, but also serves as a directory for the pins and dots on the map.

C. Clicking on Pins


Users are free to click on any dots or pins found across the map. When a pin or dot is clicked, a pane containing information, will appear from the left.  Users can close this new pane by clicking on the back arrow icon found on the upper left corner. Users can also choose to click on other pins to read information regarding them.           


D. Accessing the Larger Map
When the data maps are accessed from under the Data Maps submenu, the users are directed to the embedded version of the map. Users have the option to view the larger map.

1. To access the larger map, users must click on the expand to google maps icon which can be seen on the upper right corner of the data map. 
2. After clicking, the user is then directed to a new tab which would look like this. The new tab contains the larger map which houses more features than the embedded version. 


 3. There is little difference over the previous map except some added features - such as the search function and the change base map function.

         a. Using the Search Function
              1. To use the search function. the user must be in the larger map as the search function is only accessible from that map.
              2. The user must click on the search button. A new pane asking what the users want to search for in the map will appear.
              3. User can then input what they want to search for - whether it be a name of a person (if in the victims map), name of an organization, or place

         b. Changing the Base Map
1. Users can change the base map from the standard map to the satellite map by clicking on the 9 icon found in the lower left corner.
              2. When clicked, the base map changes into this.
7              3. To revert from the satellite base map into the standard base map, users must click on the 8 icon found at the lower left corner.